what were YA thinkin? – take me there

Disclaimer time!

In my introductory post, I mentioned that this blog would be dedicated to the world of YA covers. Not about whether the pages within were worth anyone’s time. Not about whether I loved the story or not. These posts won’t encourage people to “Go, buy this right now!” or “Aack! Stay away! Its cover is ugly!” That’s not the point here, peeps — and besides, more often than not, I’ll be reviewing covers to novels I haven’t even read yet.

I realize that a lot of authors are at the mercy of their publishers when it comes to final cover design, and oftentimes it’s just as much a surprise to them as it is to their readers.

I sure was surprised when I first laid eyes on this cover:

For some reason, I felt like this was a real Photoshopped piece of work that took a little layering. Step 1: Insert road.  Step 2: Insert mountainscape. Step 3: Insert novel’s title with a nice graphical play on words using the story’s premise.


NOW on to the fist-shaking! EGAD Simon Pulse, what on earth were you thinking?

“They’re gonna get hit by a car!” was my first reaction when I saw this cover. I feared for their safety. Um, aren’t there safer places to make out, kids? I knew this novel was a story about a Bad Boy on the Run, but…well, let’s just say I hope he doesn’t get run over by a car in the process.


6 thoughts on “what were YA thinkin? – take me there

  1. I had a similar reaction to this one. My first thought was that the individual elements all stood out too much – it felt less whole and more pieced together (especially the title design – too much going on there, though I like the color). My second thought was “why are they lying in the middle of the road?” That can’t be comfortable (nor, as you point out, safe). And I know that there are roads out there like this, but something about the size of the road and the fact that it has a white line down each side but no center line feels really confusing.

  2. I just can’t believe you would be in such throes of passion that you would literally have to lie in the middle of the road and make out. Why not on the grass just to the side? or in the car they must be in? No thank, I dont want to be taken there. That road looks tres skanky too.

  3. Haha, yeah, that’s what I thought, too. Even looking at the cover makes me nervous, like they’re about to get hit.

  4. Don’t mind me, I’m just looking back at old posts & I found myself needing to comment on this book’s cover…

    Have any of y’all read it? Because I have. And let me just say, this cover shows NOTHING about this book. Other than the fact that the dude in this story gets on a highway & drives some place else. That girl you see there? She’s got a whole .5 seconds in this book! Seriously. This book really made me mad. Talk about bad marketing.

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