what were YA thinkin? – mockingjay

I don’t think this novel needs an introduction.

I know. I know. But give me just a second.

When the cover art was first revealed for Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay, I think my first word was, “What?” and then I probably made a face of disgust. This is just what pretentious cover snobs do in their spare time. I’ve had lots of practice.

It wasn’t the title or the mockingjay that provoked such a reaction. It was the color.

One of the things I really loved about The Hunger Games series cover art was that each piece captured the tone and mood of each book very deliberately. The Hunger Games was dark. Ominous. Black fit it perfectly. Catching Fire was an obvious choice with its color. It was politically charged, passionate, and with all the fire references in the book it practically bled over to its cover.

But baby friggin blue? Are you kidding me? Seriously, just take another look.

The color blue evokes certain emotions, right? There’s a reason why it’s used as a paint color in bathrooms and living rooms. It has a calming and relaxing effect. It’s welcoming. It’s clean. Now, if you will, apply this to how you felt prior to reading this final installation in the epic story of Katniss Everdeen.

I realize I’m inserting quite a bit of emotional involvement in the other novels, rather than strictly analyzing the details of this cover. But I can’t not mention how the other covers so honestly bottled up the intensity of what The Hunger Games and Catching Fire was all about. This cover feels about as intense as a baby boy shower invitation.

For those of you who’ve read the series, how did you feel about this cover?


13 thoughts on “what were YA thinkin? – mockingjay

  1. I agree w AmyB. My first thought was it was heavenly, peaceful & dove like. Maybe the storyline will similar. Do I love the design? Heck no, I do not. Question is…will you be able to put aside your cover loathing long enough to give the storyline a chance now?

    I did the same thing with the movie ‘Becoming Jane’ I hated the way that title was designed and was flashed all over trailers etc. Then BLAMO there it was just as the movie started…I was disgusted by it, but I was able to put aside the petty irritation…at least till the movie was over & I started in on it again. 🙂

    All that to say…I feel your pain.

  2. this cover sucks, but then i think the book sucked, so really i’m just a bit sucky about the whole collins thing.

    BUT! i agree with what you mean about the colours, that colour blue makes me think of little boy baby rooms and the sky and nice peaceful things, and its just not nothing like i ever expected it to be, but the book was a totally different approach than the first two, so maybe thats what they was gunning for? i prefer the UK cover, everytime i hold it i feel like i need to put it down in case it starts smoking because it looks like it’s burning.

  3. I think in real life the color comes off a bit more silver than baby blue, because all three of these covers have that slightly shimmery quality. But I’ll admit this is definitely my least favorite cover of the three. A navy or cobalt might have been better if they wanted to stick with blue…but now that I’ve seen this cover so much I have a hard time picturing anything else there.

    I love though the message that all three covers next to each other sends. The mockingjay goes from a pin to a symbol to alive. The colors get progressively lighter. It’s like a symbol of Katniss – and all of the Districts – breaking free from the ties that bound them.

    • Excellent point indeed. But I think in keeping with that particular way of looking at it, might making the cover white be something to consider?

  4. I haven’t read Mockingjay yet, but I thought the blue was for hope. Combine that with the image of the mocking jay breaking out of it’s cage and…

  5. I agree, it’s a little too bright…I always kind of loved the covers of the other two, though. The second one especially I liked because it was only after I read it that I thought, “Oh! The bird’s on top of a clock!” Which if you’ve read the book has some meaning.

    Wish I could see the UK covers, though! I always love seeing what different designers have done with the same material.

  6. i dont think it matches the book…

    however, i live in australia and we got the UK edition which is fiery and captivating and loud and not at all peaceful. such a different cover, hey? evokes totally different expectations and feelings. i think the US cover looks nice enough but i think the UK edition matched the content more, you know?

    • Definitely. A perfect example of this is Ally Carter’s Heist Society. While I was drawn in by the US cover, after having read it I liked a different cover more. Can’t remember which edition, will have to hunt it down!

  7. I’m not in love with the cover either. It’s too laundry detergent ad-ish. The 1st two covers were perfect but not Mockingjay and having read it, I don’t feel it matches the story.

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