what were YA thinkin? – teen make-out covers

Can I please get a show of hands for all of those completely embarrassed by these Teenagers About to Make Out covers?


Never mind that Rich and Mad looks like a book that was published in the early nineties. That guy looks like he’s about to give her mouth to mouth, not give her a Kiss She’ll Never Forget. It also doesn’t help that its design scheme makes it looks like it belongs in one of these:

Then there are the covers that capture the steamy, just-about-to-kiss moments quite perfectly:

While a reader might be drawn to a cover where some teens are about to get into some serious tonsil-hockey, I’ll be the patron at the bookstore covering up this book with To Kill A Mockingbird to spare myself the onslaught of judgment.


10 thoughts on “what were YA thinkin? – teen make-out covers

  1. i’m ever wondering: who wants to be seen reading a book with that cover?! and if no one will leave the house with it, how will anyone ask what you’re reading so you can sell them on it?…

  2. It’s a tricky thing. Most of the time I remove the jacket before lending the book out, if it’s a hardcover. The likeliness of teasing is decreased by about 1000%. However, when I read The Ex-Games by Jennifer Echols I just had to warn my friend about it. This was accompanied by an eye-roll from me, and welcomed with a snort from her.

  3. …not to mention the tagline… ‘Sometimes you don’t find love… it finds you’ …what more do I need to say lol

  4. I totally agree about the makeout covers. Ugh. That first one is like HBO does YA.
    And I have seen the second cover a few times, and I’m not sure why, but the close-up, fine detail of his stubble grosses me out. It’s like magnified.

    • YES! I was noticing the stubble too! I was peering deep into my screen trying to figure out if it was even real or not. That stubbles going to scratch; they best be gentle.

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  6. I felt so embarrassed that I was reading Not That Kind of Girl that I made sure I read it only in the privacy of my own home. Even so, I made sure to place it face-down after I had finished. There were some moments though where I would forget and the cringe-worthy cover would be lying there, out in the open. I can still remember the looks my parents gave me – the looks that said what-the-HELL-are-you-reading.

    Cover artists please, I’m begging you! Stick to hand holding!

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