what were YA thinkin? — cate of the lost colony

This is an outrage.

This is disregarding the fact that in general, faces on covers almost immediately make me recoil. But on this particular cover, it’s not just the fact that there’s a face.

Her face doesn’t seem vaguely familiar? Maybe this will help.

Oh, Bloomsbury, really?


10 thoughts on “what were YA thinkin? — cate of the lost colony

    • OMG Heather! I JUST texted a pic of the Ophelia cover to some of my friends with “OMG it’s Michael Cera in a wig” 5 minutes ago! You and I are destined to be friends.

  1. I saw this on someone’s blog sidebar the other day and thought it was a picture of them and then realized that it said “currently reading” above it. It doesn’t really come across as a book cover.

  2. long time listener, first time caller. I concur wholeheartedly that the cover is weak. But the pose, expression, etc are tons better than any photo I’ve ever seen of Kristen Stewart. So..at least there’s a hint of emotion in this otherwise poorly designed cover.

    The Michael Cera in a wig cover is too funny. It’s frightening that Michael Cera in a wig is more interesting than the Cate cover…

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, David. And I completely agree re: K. Stew’s face. She’s so pouty and withdrawn-looking in a lot of her pics. (You can imagine how many I sifted through and just decided to go with that marketing piece)

  3. Those are completely different actresses, so I don’t get it. The Cate cover is of actress Teresa Palmer I believe

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