cell coverage: the carrie diaries

I really hesitated on this cover, not knowing whether to call it the result of marketing genius or just plain ol’ awesome design.

What do you think?

I think I’m split down the middle.

When I saw Candace Bushnell’s The Carrie Diaries sitting on the shelf in the bookstore some months ago, I stopped immediately to pick it up. I’d already seen the cover online, and  I think my first word (to myself, which probably made me look like a crazy) was, “Genius.”

I’m not exactly the most fashionably inclined person. I also haven’t seen a lick of Sex and the City. But I mean, come on, the book looks like a purse. It’s different, it’s completely relevant to the Carrie Bradshaw franchise, it’s cute, and fun. This cover’s publisher knew exactly what it was doing. Balzer & Bray, an imprint of Harper Collins Children’s, showcases their books as “bold, creative, groundbreaking picture books and novels that appeal directly to kids in a fresh way.” I couldn’t agree more with a cover like this one.

Here’s the cover sans the gaudy Target sticker.


3 thoughts on “cell coverage: the carrie diaries

  1. I like the idea behind the cover, but not the cover. I think there’s too much writing on it. Maybe just one use of the title instead of multiple and backwards. I think I like the UK version better because it’s more simplistic.

  2. Reminds me of the packaging for the 1st season of Northern Exposure when they released it on DVD. The discs were wrapped up in a mini-parka. Very clever.

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