cell coverage: if we kiss

There’s a good amount of on-the-verge-of-making-out covers out there in YA at the moment. When I stopped by the bookstore, I actually found a novel that distinctly talks about kissing in its title. You’d think the cover might actually including, well…(almost) kissing.

I was thoroughly amused that it didn’t. (And silently cheering)


7 thoughts on “cell coverage: if we kiss

  1. I think it’s darling. It evokes that sort of old fashioned love with soda fountains, and ‘courting’ and wearing your boyfriend’s ring, etc. Very sweet.

    I also like how the ice cream is melting. Nice touch.

  2. This is an older book… it came out waayyy before the “almost-kissing” trend on covers, which may be why it doesn’t have anything. Also, I SO want to read it. Have wanted to read it for years now. haha.

  3. Based on the cover, the quote on the book makes me laugh. It’s like saying that “if we kiss, all of a sudden sharing ice cream won’t seem as gross.”

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