cover love: face relations

Finally, a cover with faces on it that actually made me want to know more.

It might actually be easier to say that I like this cover because of the interesting subject matter, but that would be a copout. I mean, yes, there’s a half-face of a girl on the cover, but look, there, to the left, a black kid! And not even a female, a male! And they’re together! On a book cover! Alert the press!

Simple covers tend to speak more to me than most other designs. With Face Relations, I like the subtle design elements like the lowercase type. I like how the artist pulled the light blue out the girl’s eyes to color the “face” text versus an obvious choice like white. The photo itself is intriguing because of their facial expressions. This novel is a collection of short stories that explore multicultural issues from the teen perspective, yet these smooth-faced robots on the cover allude to the fact that regardless of our diverse races, we’re all still very alike, and very human.


6 thoughts on “cover love: face relations

  1. Interesting. I didn’t think the brown face was male. I thought comparing two female faces of different colors was the point: two different skin colors, yes, but otherwise the same. After reading what you said, I can see how it could be male, but still, I think it could be either.

    • Interesting! The airbrushed, pretty, sexually ambiguous half-faces certainly don’t help. As someone who thought immediately that it was a male, I’m curious to know who else thought it was a female, too.

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