cover love: the moorehawke trilogy

Oh for the love of hand-drawn art, what have we here?

I was distracted from work the other day when Adele emailed me the link to cover artist Elise Hurst’s website, where she goes into some background about how all three covers of Celine Kiernan’s Moorehawke Trilogy were made.

Other than the fact that Hurst definitely outdid herself in creating three fascinatingly beautiful covers, I’m most intrigued by the seamless illustrations that carry from cover to cover. Each cover tells a completely different story but they’re all interwoven without seemingly any effort of all. I also like how each Roman numeral is included in the title – it’s a nice little nod to the sequential order of each book, and makes things less confusing than other never-ending series’ cover art.

All in all: bravo, Hurst.

As for the US/UK version? No thanks, Orbit. Allen & Unwin’s cover art wins.


6 thoughts on “cover love: the moorehawke trilogy

  1. I’m not usually a fan of hand-drawn covers. Especially in this great of detail. Yes, it is beautifully drawn.. but I would never pick up these books, simply due to their covers. Just not my thing I guess?

    I do like how the roman numerals are incorporated though. Nice touch.

  2. Ginger…you should though, it is an outstanding fantasy novel.

    YAY for white backgrounds, so rare and yet so beautifully used in this case.

  3. One of the best things about these covers is how carefully Elise worked within the context of the books. She actually read all three before doing the artwork, and had many many discussions with me about the type environment I imagined in each book, the type of clothes the characters might wear, the horses tack, the weaponry. SO much attention to detail!

    She put in many little narrative subtleties too ( her use of ravens, for example, which are symbolic all through the books. Wynter wearing Christopher’s jacket on book three and carrying Razi’s falchion sword are both symbolic of events in the stories too. The cat – the three horses galloping through the woods – the smoking aftermath of battle: all these things are actual scenes from the stories!)

    She was an absolute treasure to work with. I felt blessed to have her on the trilogy. And you wouldn’t believe the amount of readers who specifically pinpoint Elise’s work as being the reason they first picked up the books : ) Thanks so much for giving her the recognition she deserves here!

    • Love your insiders notes here, Celine! I’m SO glad Elise was able to read the books — I’ve read stories where designers only get to read a blurb or a general overview of a book. And the subtleties? Loved hearing about these. Attention to detail deserves a HUGE amount of respect to the artist.

      Adele has spoken highly of this trilogy, and I’m hoping I get to own the Australian covers when I do read them. =)

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