cover love: sweep bind-ups

What can I say, I’m a sucker for covers with symbols. Especially well-crafted, beautifully illustrated ones. I’ve never read any of the oodles of Sweep novels, but if I ever decided to start reading them, I could blame these covers.

My favorite is the second volume, mostly because I’m permanently biased to non-spectral colors between violet and red. I’ve been this way since I was eight. But honestly, I really can’t help but stare at these beautiful covers. I love the font choices, the serif title, the taglines, the careful balance of color within each cover and across the series of bind-ups. Stunningly simple, but rich with texture and detail in each of the symbols that adorn each cover. They all seem gracefully and carefully designed, almost as if created by a flourish of hand.

Thanks to Pam for the heads up.


3 thoughts on “cover love: sweep bind-ups

  1. I like these covers, but at the same time they wouldn’t capture my attention on the shelf. I would have to either love the author or hear amazing reviews to pay any attention to these titles.

  2. Have you seen the cover to Cate’s new YA book Immortal Beloved? I think you might like that cover! i just got the uk proof copy in the post this week and it’s one of the nicest arc covers i’ve seen in a long time.

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