cover love: sweetly

Those folks over at Little, Brown have done it again. Yesterday, author Jackson Pearce revealed ARCs (and their corresponding covers!) to her upcoming novel, Sweetly, a companion piece to Sisters Red.

As long as Little, Brown keeps up with the awesome covers, I will continue to say nice things about them. But one of these days I will actually post a finalized, hi-res image of Pearce’s cover art, not something with an ARC sticker slapped on it or a shoddy cell-phone snapshot.

I think what I love the most about both this and Sisters Red’s cover is the fact that the designer pulls off an illusion of symmetry quite beautifully. Sneaky artsy liar. There are few covers that make me take a second look and say, Wow, that’s really cool. Not just pretty or gorgeous or stunning — it’s cool because it creeps me out simply by using technique.

Covers like these make you stare a little longer than most people are comfortable with. Sweetly’s face (literally) is equal parts enchanting and eerie.

And the little tiny house? It kinda reminds me of the little red Home Alone house. You know, if the Home Alone house sat in the middle of the forests of Live Oak, South Carolina.


9 thoughts on “cover love: sweetly

    • I assumed at first that this was a sequel to Space Between Trees as well. I think this cover is great, but they’ll need to maybe change up the color of the sky a bit to differentiate between this cover and the Kate Williams one. I love the face in the trees though! Creepy!

  1. Agree. I loved SISTERS RED the first time I saw it–in England, actually, not here–and this one is awesome too. Someone at Little, Brown has their A-game on!

  2. FREAKY! This reminds me of one of those things drawings where it looks like a hot young chick, but you turn the paper around and it looks like a grandma. Takes you awhile to see what’s really there!

  3. Love this! LOVE IT!
    I didn’t see the face at first and it did really remind me of the cover of SPACE BETWEEN TREES. But then I saw the face!

    Love it.

  4. The first thing i thought when i saw this cover was “why are all the lights on in that tiny house.” then i thought “woah cool look at the intricate trees, they’re so pretty” then i thought “holy crap wait…….OMG ITS A FACE”. kinda snuck up on me there.

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