cover love: bumped

I promise I’m not on some sort of weird “pink” kick. I promise. But after Megan McCafferty’s Bumped cover was revealed over on The Story Siren’s website yesterday, I absolutely couldn’t help myself from showing it some cover love.

I have to admit my curiosity started to get the best of me when McCafferty tweeted a picture of the Bumped ARC spines. I had already thrown Bumped on my TBR list, and didn’t think anything of it, except that I’d most likely be excited about the novel when April drew closer.

She only tweeted a picture of the spine, and yet I found myself anxious to see the cover. It’s what certain sans serif fonts do to me, I swear — it’s like my knees go into auto-weak mode. When I see things like the stark white and the bright pink, it’s like some sort of weird button gets pushed in my brain and I’m immediately hooked.

I’m no stranger to McCafferty’s work — I’ve read and loved #1 and #2 of the JD series and I’m planning on reading the rest, soon. But even if I had never read any of her novels before, I’d pick up this book in a heartbeat at the bookstore or library, just to read its summary. What does “bumped” even mean? What kind of story has a weird title like that, but also a semi-serious tagline? What’s with the egg? Is this an Easter bunny story? (I mean, it does release two days after Easter)

After checking out the hi-res version of the cover art, I noticed that the actual title is out of focus, like its being projected onto the egg. What does this mean? Why do you keep making me think about you, Bumped cover art? You’re just a cover! A cover that I’m now yelling at in my blog post.

Good grief. Is it April 26th yet?


10 thoughts on “cover love: bumped

  1. I know this will sound anal, but I really am not feeling the “e” for this font. I hate when I find a new font that I love but then one letter or punctuation just doesn’t work.

  2. Oh not me.. I totally love this font (all letters included!) I think that’s what sold me. Not so much the egg. I’m not a fan of eggs anyway.

  3. I found this cover so…STARTLING! It really isn’t what I expected it would be, and I kind of love that about it. You know how predictable things can get in the cover world sometimes. Which is why I luuuuuurve your blog. I can’t stop drooling over the good ones with you!

  4. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find the egg a bit adorable. 🙂 I really hope I get to win one of the ARCs that Megan McCafferty is giving away. 😀

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