cover love: small town sinners

It’s cover reveal time!

It’s like someone out there in Designer Land knew I wasn’t a fan of faces on covers, and said, Quick, cover her face up! (Or at least, this is what I like to think because I might be a tad self-absorbed)

The title of Melissa Walker’s next novel, Small Town Sinners, is what immediately draws me to this cover. I’ve grown up all over the place, but now that I’ve landed in the South, I’ve come to know small towns (and SINNERS!) pretty well.

Lately I’ve been pleased to find more and more covers for upcoming novels taking themselves a little more seriously. I can definitely support cover art that calls for its audience to use a little more brain power. (And this says a lot because y’all I can be such a lazy thinker) Small Town Sinners definitely lends itself to this camp.

And hooray for symbolism, even the universal sort. The apple and the heart are a nice touch, but is our protagonist on the cover the temptress or the temptee?

Overall, it’s definitely cover love for me. What do you think?


8 thoughts on “cover love: small town sinners

  1. I get that the apple is suppose to symbolize the “forbidden fruit” but I think it was way over used with the Twilight cover, so I don’t see much originality in it when I see it on other YA covers now. However – LOVE the font. And I’m always a bigger fan of photography covers, versus drawn art covers (usually).

    Btw – so wanting to read this book (good cover or not)!

  2. I love the cover, but agree with Susan, I could probably do without the melodramatic girl. The apple / heart in the forefront is already really cool and the color just pops.

  3. I agree with Anna, it’s hard to bite apples and leave heart shapes. I am sincerely hoping that girl is the sinner and she’s covering her eyes like “oh CRAP! I was SUCH a harlot last night” or crying because that guy she wasn’t supposed to do the rude stuff with hasn’t called her back yet and dang it HE SAID HE WOULD!

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