design double take: the reusables #1

You already know how I feel about faces on covers. Granted, cut-off faces are slightly better. But then they’re taken down a few notches again because they’re about to make out. But then, reusing those same faces?

Since Martin’s novel was published earlier than Williams’ Anna’s Secret Legacy, I hereby declare The Lighter Side of Life and Death the winner!


11 thoughts on “design double take: the reusables #1

  1. I’m not sure if I like the fire-y design behind the faces in Anna’s Secret Legacy. :/

    But this post reminds me of North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley and Evermore by Alyson Noel. They used the same girl on the cover but with modifications to fit the story. I like North of Beautiful more, but maybe I’m biased because I haven’t read Evermore yet.

    • Design-wise, I definitely agree. But as someone who reads more of contemporary over paranormal (and still hates faces on covers), I think that’d be a natural selection. In the paranormal/fantasy realm, I’ll most likely pick up a novel if the cover does not look like all the others in the same genre. I like good, fresh breaths of design air. 😉

  2. What the heck is happening in that second cover?! For real. Why is there a close up on 2 people about to make out, with fire behind them, and a Nazi symbol??!! Maybe I need to understand the book to understand the cover. But that is just awful.

  3. First one would win anyway. Waaaaay too much clutter going on in the second one. The first book is awesome, so that helps, but I also appreciate the clean and simple cover.

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