interview with the blogger

You’re probably thinking 1 of the following things:

OMG! Capillya! How clever of you to spoof Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire cover!

Oh wait, isn’t it almost Thanksgiving? Wouldn’t this have been MUCH more clever to do back in October?

Wait a second that’s not even a YA novel why in the world are you spoofing it? LAME.

I really hope you’re not thinking that last one. And in response to all of those: YES I KNOW, GUILTY!

I wanted to do something different for today’s post because, quite frankly, I haven’t found any covers that have completely grabbed me lately, or I’m waiting on some interview answers from some fabulous author or designer to magically pop up in my email. It’s been Stalker City when it comes to compulsively checking my email, trust me.

Just the other day, I noticed over on Girls In the Stacks’ blog that they did a “getting to know your blogger” feature post. I thought it was really cool to peer a little closer into the lives of other YA bloggers. (I say this in the least stalkerish way possible) I’m a people person. It’s that simple — I like knowing about other people’s interests and personalities. Perhaps some of you are like me in that regard, so I thought I’d share some random facts about myself.

Truefax: That Cover Girl Edition

  • I like to eat sweet and salty things together. You know, like jalapeño chips and cupcakes. My husband thinks it’s absolutely disgusting.
  • I have a completely irrational fear of clusters. During high school, I couldn’t look into microscopes. I’m getting goosebumps and slightly freaking out right now just thinking about it.
  • I actually don’t read as much as I’d like to. I average 2-3 books a month, and one of those books is a book club book. This is interesting because I have 32 books on my Christmas wish list and not a lot of time to read them. I’m assuming these 32 books will carry me into the year 2015.
  • I used to play the flute, back when I was in the 4th grade through 7th grade (I call this my musical Golden Age which unfortunately coincided with my Awkward-looking Age).
  • I don’t own any pets. This is just awkward and shameful for me to admit being someone who likes to read and runs a blog. I used to think this was a staple for being in both camps. If it’s any consolation, I grew up with 3 different dogs: Sasha, Freeway, and Speckles. (those last 2 absolutely ridiculous names chosen by yours truly)
  • I wanted Brian McKnight to sing at my wedding. I know, I know.
  • I’ve lived in 5 different places in my lifetime, in 3 different countries. As an Air Force Brat, I’ve flown on a plane 30+ times. Yet I still try to distract myself when it comes to takeoff and landing at airports because it always makes me nervous.
  • My favorite book is The Kid in the Red Jacket by Barbara Park, mostly for nostalgic reasons. I read it at the most opportune time for a kid to read that book, and identified with the sarcastic Howard Jeeter.
  • I’m one of 5 people I know in this world that actually eats circus peanuts. While at a register checking out this weekend, the cashier helpfully added that “old people eat them too.”

Yep, truefax folks.

But oh ho! Don’t think I’m letting you off the hook that easy. I love all the comments that I receive on this blog, and I’m curious about you, too. So below I’ve included a few random questions for you to answer in the comments! And when I mean random, I really do mean random.

Truefax: A Commenter Edition

  • Since I don’t know what time zone you’re in, what’s the last thing you ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner (or snack #47 like me)?
  • What’s your favorite book cover of all time? It doesn’t have to be a YA book, either.
  • It’s Thanksgiving week in the US! Name one thing you’re thankful for.
  • What’s the most awesome name you’ve ever heard? (It could be for a person, plant, dog, whatever)

28 thoughts on “interview with the blogger

  1. I love, love, LOVE this idea. I tried to share some “truefax” about myself on my blog once before too. I’d hoped that more bloggers would catch on & continue the trend at their book blog – but no one seemed to follow along. Oh well!

    – It’s almost 8a.m. here & I just had breakfast… turkey sausage & egg on an english muffin & I’ve got my coffee in hand!

    – My fav book cover changes all the time… but the last one I got really excited about was Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angel cover. I love the colors used & the little details shown through out. Her Mortal Instruments covers were a fav of mine too.

    – I’m thankful for THIS JOB I have that allows me to come to work, read if I want to, blog when I want to, & work on school work when I need to. It’s definitely a blessing for me right now in my life.

    – If I ever have kids some day, I already know I’ll name my daughter Ruby (that is if the sperm donor produces a girl lol). It’s my grandmother’s name & I have always, always loved it.

    Btw… where in the world did you think of the name Freeway??!! LOL! Oh and I love jalapeno chips & cupcakes too! Seriously my fav snack food of all time.

  2. Um, I had cat named Highway, and I named her. WE FOUND HER ON THE HIGHWAY. What else was I supposed to name her??

  3. I love random facts posts. I do this every now and then, too, and then I realize how hard it is to think of random facts about myself. ^^

    So my answers:
    * It’s 11:20PM here, and the last thing I ate was a very late dinner after I got home from the gym. I had pancit – Filipino style stir-fried noodles.
    * Hm, right now it’s Feed by Mira Grant. Genius cover.
    * We don’t celebrate thanksgiving here, but right now I am thankful for winning a copy of Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram. Totally made my morning. 🙂
    * Triskal, the name of one of the angels from Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness. 🙂

    Oh, and I love sweet and salty stuff. Together or one after the other. You’re not alone. 🙂

  4. I love getting to know bloggers like this! I really enjoy learning weird random things about people.
    It’s 11:24 a.m. and I’m a 5th grade teacher, so for snack time about an hour ago I had one of those Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey bars.
    Um, favorite book cover of all time? That’s super difficult to decide. I love simple covers with one or two striking graphics. Stargirl, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time… I haven’t read it, but Pink by Leila Sales always catches my eye too.
    I’m thankful to be living in a state I’ve wanted to live in since high school and always said I would: Florida!
    Most awesome name I’ve heard… lol, I can’t think of one. I do like Stanley Yelnats from Holes, though, because I’ve had a thing for palindromes since I was little.

    • 5th grade teacher! High five to you for willingly teaching a bunch of hooligans. 😉 j/k! I do love all of those covers that you mentioned, too!

      Re: palindromes – I’ve never thought much of them, but Stanley Yelnats is pretty awesome. I recently bought Holes and I’m looking forward to reading it soon!

  5. -The last thing I ate was a salad for lunch. Go me! Except it was twenty minutes ago, and now I’m craving chocolate to compensate for the healthy lunch. Sigh.
    -The first book cover that pops into my mind is Paul O Zelinsky’s cover for E Nesbit’s The Enchanted Castle. Love it, and have ever since I was a kid!
    -I am currently thankful for my laptop, which allows me to follow my children from room to room and still get work done.
    -Don’t know if this is the MOST awesome name I’ve ever heard, but I’m quite tickled that one of my good friends just named her little girl Tenley, which is also the name of the first American woman to win an Olympic figure skating gold medal. Now that’s an awesome legacy for a name to carry!

    (Oh, and I also love sweet and salty things together. Popcorn and hot caramel apple cider is my favorite late-night snack.)

    • Yes, GO YOU for eatin that salad! And go ahead and eat the chocolate, too! And yes, I do love that castle in The Enchanted Castle. Beautiful.

      Tenley — haven’t heard of that one! It kinda reminds me of the name of the protag, Nina Tanleven, from Bruce Coville’s MG series!

  6. You are a total GENIUS for naming your dog Freeway! I hate when dogs have names like “Richard” and other boring things.
    I last ate: Coffee. Mmm. (Totes a food.)
    My fav book cover is: … this is hard. on a scale of 1-10 how mad would you be if I said Catcher in the Rye? HAHA. Ok but seriously. Maybe The Giver.
    I am thankful for so much! How about I specifically say the YA community since it is most appropriate here. Love love love.
    Best name ever: former University of Washington quarterback Sonny Sixkiller. I mean, do I even need to TELL you he was a badass? No.

    • Sonny Sixkiller?! Holy crap! I just Googled him and he’s so ginormous (in his old timey pictures) he couldn’t even fit on my 2560 x 1440 res screen.

      Seriously. SIXKILLER.

  7. What? No band photos to illustrate the Awkward-looking Age? I loved this post, because I adore you. The end.
    * I just ate leftover Mediterranean spinach/rice bake. Yummo.
    * Fave book cover = Um. Um. Changes to whatever book cover I most recently commented on at your blog saying “OMG GORGEOUS.”
    * I’m thankful for the makers of gluten-free chocolate chip cookie mix. CAN YOU IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT COOKIES!? No, you shouldn’t. No one should imagine such an awful, awful world.
    * Buffalola Petula Marie The Cat, aka my old cat, better known as “Lola.”

    • Gah, no! You will neva eva eva EVA see those Awkward-looking Age pics! EVA! I LOOKED LIKE A DUDE!

      Oh, and I’m definitely laughing at the Buffalola Petula Marie The Cat name….



      I’m still laughing.

  8. Can I steal this?!

    * I ate a bowl of Reese peanut butter cereal. Okay, so it was the generic Kroger brand, IT WAS SO GOOD.
    * DANI NOIR!!!!!!!!!!!!
    * My family.
    * GIZMO!

  9. Lots of fun! Like you, I just ate snack #47, which was a quarter of a KrispyKreme donut, which totally disgusts me, but there it is. My favorite book cover is still To Kill a Mockingbird with the orange tree. I’m thankful that all my kids grew up to be avid readers. I’m going to have to pass on the best name — my memory is just not what it used to be…

  10. Nice to get to know you a little better! 🙂

    Let’s see… it’s 10:20pm and I just ate some chocolate chip cookies. Mmm.

    My favorite book cover of all time… might be HALO by Alexandra Ardonetto. Too bad angels *really* aren’t my thing. I want to read it and love it, but that’s not possible, so I’ll just sit here and look at it. 🙂

    I am thankful that I have things in my life outside of my job that I love doing. And that I love doing my job, too!

    And the best name I know is Fiona Q. Pennywhistle, which is a fictional character that my best friend and I made up in high school. 🙂

    • I’m a big fan of Halo’s cover too. But I have heard some not-so-great things about the novel as a whole so I’m probably not going to pick it up.

      As for Fiona Q. Pennywhistle? That is very awesome and sounds vaguely Hunger Games-ish. 😉

  11. I love randomness and weird facts 😀

    Since I don’t know what time zone you’re in, what’s the last thing you ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner (or snack #47 like me)?
    I’m about to leave work right now so the last thing I snacked was a chocolate ghost 😀

    What’s your favorite book cover of all time? It doesn’t have to be a YA book, either.
    THIS IS SO HARD! I think it’s an impossible decision for me… the first one that came to me is for “Thirteen Reasons Why”.

    It’s Thanksgiving week in the US! Name one thing you’re thankful for.
    My boyfriend.

    What’s the most awesome name you’ve ever heard? (It could be for a person, plant, dog, whatever)
    I think Gwendolyn ist quite a uniqute, cute yet elegant name 🙂

    • A chocolate ghost?! I’ve never heard of those. But you say the world “chocolate” and I’m totally there. 😉

      Re: Gwendolyn — I had a friend named Gwendolyn in high school and I always loved her name. Just yesterday at our Thanksgiving luncheon at work, someone mentioned to me his daughter’s name — Genevieve. Both beautiful names!

      • Well it’s basically just a piece of chocolate in the shape of a ghost with a ghost printed on the wrapper. Simple Halloween candy I think.

        Genevieve is quite an interesting name, too. Makes me think of a princess 🙂

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