cell coverage: unearthly

You know how sometimes you see a picture of cover art online and you’re all “meh” and then someone takes a picture of the novel out in the wild and you’re, all “WHAT.”

Let me explain.

Take exhibit A, above. I’ll admit to seeing the graphic of Cynthia Hand’s Unearthly online and not thinking much about it. I did read the synopsis, after all. My first observations: it’s certainly not horrendous. Yes, it’s another pretty girl in another pretty dress with another somber look on her face. The title type is beautiful.

Now take exhibit B:

Oh sweet goodness LOOK AT THE TEXTURE. My lovely friend Jen posted this on Twitter the other day, which caused me to momentarily freak out.

Holy foil embossing, Batman, it’s so shiny!


14 thoughts on “cell coverage: unearthly

  1. Wow! That IS shiny! Even though it’s a lovely cover, I can see this being one that folks would feel the need to hide the cover of in public – something about the girl in the gown.

  2. What a difference! Love the cover, but not the mock-up. Makes me wonder if the publisher could have done a better job of sparkling-up the mock-up, just to give booksellers some reassurance that the finished product was going to be lovely.

  3. That is incredibly gorgeous! (I still don’t really want to read it, but I’ll be happy to share at the shiny pretty cover for a long time.)

  4. WOW! I’m in agreement with you. I’ve seen this cover all over the place and just thought it was kinda blah. This looks gorgeous!

  5. I saw the book last night at Borders and it is beautiful. Online does not do it justice. I think the model looks like Natalie Portman.

  6. Thanks, Girl, for the link. I love how the girl looks alive in this picture, whereas in the mock-up she looks like she could be part of the scenery. But, I do have to question: in which version does she look more “unearthly?”

    Either way, it’s a beautiful cover.

  7. I thought the same thing! I received an ARC and thought, “Meh.” (I’m not big on angels) It took me a while to pick it up and read…I didn’t until after I saw the awesome REAL cover. I’m ashamed now, because the book was really amazing. I love this cover ❤

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