my bio — except not on my blog

Since the bio section on my blog is horrendously finite and lacking, I thought I’d inform you that I was interviewed by my friend Ginger this past week! And guess what, I wrote more than 3 sentences! (And when I mean more than 3, I mean like 1200+ words. I hope you don’t fall asleep.)

Please show her some love. 🙂


8 thoughts on “my bio — except not on my blog

  1. Aww thanks for pimping me out, yo! haha I noticed a few more comments when I checked my email this morning for that post & was wondering where they came from – now I know! lol I’ve gotten such an amazing response about this new feature & I have you to thank for that 🙂 THANK YOU for helping me to make my blog what it is! You’re fabulous, C 😉 <3!!!!

  2. Do you ever do requested posts? I’d love to see one about lips on covers, like Pink, Bad Taste in Boys, Other Words For Love… I’m weird, I know, but I think those are very neat covers XD

    • Laina, it’s funny you mentioned this. I was totally planning on doing a post of covers with hearts and lips on them during the month of February (you know, since apparently it’s a month full of hearts and lips), but never got around to it. I’ve got it on my to-do list, though. At least I know one reader (+ myself) would enjoy it. =)

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