design double take: a lot of love for girls in pretty dresses

I’m wondering if I need to turn this particular post into a feature of some sort. If you’ve visited the blog on more than two or three occasions, you’ll discover that I’m not exactly a huge fan of Sad Girls in Pretty Dresses on covers.

So when a friend of mine pointed this pair of covers out to me just the other day…well, needless to say it didn’t bolster my confidence in the SGiPD cause.

If I were to pick my favorite between these two, I wouldn’t have to think twice about it — I’d go with The Vespertine. And after a thorough scientific analysis of the stock model’s face (and mentally asking myself WHAT ARE THEY RUNNING FROM?!) one may hesitate that they fulfill the “sad” prerequisite of being a SGiPD cover.

And to this I say, “Well, hmmm, I guess they look ‘scared.’ Therefore, the SGiPD is definitely still legit.”


27 thoughts on “design double take: a lot of love for girls in pretty dresses

  1. I could be totally wrong, but I thought I’d read somewhere (maybe on Saundra Mitchell’s blog?) that the cover for The Vespertine was specifically shot FOR The Vespertine and wasn’t stock photography. I want to say I read an interview with either Saundra or the person who made the cover, but I can no longer remember which (and I could be making it up inside my head.) I’ll try to hunt it down. I have these vague memories of reading commentary about the photo shoot.

    I usually am not a fan of sad girls in pretty dresses covers, but The Vespertine and Kiersten White’s Paranormalcy are two of the exceptions.

  2. Wow, could you imagine how the authors would feel if they found out there was pretty much a book with a duplicate cover out in the world? I agree with you, The Vespertine looks far better than Dark Angel… come on originality!

  3. A book cover says a lot about the book. It’s what initially grabs the readers attention when it’s sitting on the shelves, so I think the covers need to be specific to the book.

  4. It’s so funny when you find cover designs that use the same photo. I like the The Vespertine’s design more than the other cover.

  5. I want to know how they manage to look sad, run away AND remain pretty while doing all that. When I run, people usually just flinch and get out of my way. Haha.

  6. The cover for Forgiven by Janet Fox is also the same model/shoot (though obviously a different shot). The model’s actually a friend of a friend of mine on Facebook (complicated, right?) so I did a little snooping in her “Book Covers” album.

  7. the girls don’t look that scared to me. they look like they just gave their virtue to the wrong guy and their daddy found out and he’s a little miffed, so they’re running away in their fancy pants dress and they’re just upset they have to leave town because they couldn’t keep their panties on. maybe thats just me though.

    p.s missed you too.

    p.p.s…….. a lot

    • I haven’t seen the Rain Village one! Thanks for pointing this one out. Not quite sure which one I like more, but I feel like the title of A Blue So Dark seems to match its cover art more…

  8. I actually find it super-hilarious, and I’m delighted to be sharing the same cover image with Aimee Carter’s debut, THE GODDESS TEST, on her Australian cover as well. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. There are two ways to buy rights to an image. One is to purchase world rights, then no one else in the world can use that image for a certain amount of time. World rights are very expensive and publishers rarely buy them.

    Second, a publisher can buy rights for usage in a certain country. This is what happens most. I don’t know of any publishers now that uses in house photographers. All, for the most part, use photo agencies.

    In the days before the internet no one would ever know if the same photo was being used on a books in different countries. But now, it’s easy to find books using the same image.

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