when adult fiction book covers remind me of ya book covers (2)

Less than a week after my first post about adult fiction covers reminding me of YA book covers, the lovely Katie from What Books Have Taught Me pointed out another familiar-looking adult cover:

And its similar YA cover is just a click away. =)

ALSO. I went on a book date with two friends of mine this past Saturday, and I can’t for the life of me remember which book this adult cover reminds me of.

Thoughts? This here YA cover addict is having an extremely forgetful moment and one heck of a brain fart to boot.


14 thoughts on “when adult fiction book covers remind me of ya book covers (2)

    • YES! Dangerous Neighbors! You rock, Sommer.

      Double yes to a book date! I went to B&N with two friends and we browsed various sections talking about books. I ended up buying two books for my 10 year old nephew. And ogled some covers, of course. It was good times with good friends in a room filled with a lot of stories. A great date. 😉

  1. That’s the book I thought of as soon as I saw this cover. And may I just say that I hate the fact that it’s titled Tighter. It just seems wrong. No? Just me? *sigh*

    • You definitely still win in my book! I love how quickly people can pick out covers — goes to show how much of a lasting impression they have on your brain (well, except mine!). 😉

  2. I am reading Tighter right now, and I can’t get the cover for You Believers out of my mind after reading this! I think the ‘haunted’ look is very in right now – have you checked out the cover for the new Kirsty Eagar book, Night Beach? Is has that, “This could be a really bad dream,” vibe to it.

    -Linds, bibliophile brouhaha

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