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I decided to take part in GReads’ feature-tastic Friday question this week!

Ginger asks: “Summer Love: Where’s your ideal place to take a summer vacation & get lost in a book?”

Warning: It’s going to take a few paragraphs before I actually get to answering this question. I’m long-winded, you see.

I know I rarely dish about my daily life here at TCG, so I’ll let you in on a little personal secret — I love vacationing. I love road trips. I love traveling, period. Okay, so that may not come as a surprise to you because honestly who DOESN’T love vacationing. I just wish I could vacation more. I’m a bit of a workaholic (I love my job), and the company I work for is very small so it’s difficult for me to get away for even a day or two.

Last year, Hubs and I took a “real” vacation for the first time since we’d gotten married. It was a special 5 year anniversary trip to Orlando, Florida, and it was the first time we had both been together. I had visited Orlando as a kid, and we went to Universal Studios and had a blast. But as an adult? Way different story.

That, and this happened.


Even more, I got to read FOUR books while I was on vacation. Four. This is unheard of, dear reader, because I’m lucky if I can get a book read in a week.

These are the books I read whilst vacationing last year:

Also I visited the Orlando Public Library and my dear sweet Hubs let me freak out in a dramatic and overly nerdtastic way.

Now, to actually answer Ginger’s question: where’s my favorite place to summer? Wait, can I even use the word summer as a verb? I’m not quite sure I’m swanky enough for that.

My favorite vacation I’ve taken so far has been to the Dominican Republic, hands-down. If I could go back in a $5,000 heartbeat, I totally would. Food: perfect. Beach: perfect. Hot tub with a hot man in it: BINGO.

As someone who’s lived on land masses surrounded by the Pacific Ocean for 13 years of her life, you’d probably assume I’m an ocean kinda gal. And you’d assume correctly.  I love the calming sound of waves, the taste of salty air, and warm sun on my skin (but not TOO much — we Blasians don’t appreciate that much sun.) Going to the beach for vacation will always be my first pick. Which is precisely why I’m looking forward to an upcoming weekend trip to Tampa being piggybacked with a yet-to-be-planned tropical trip for later this fall. I will be turning off my cell phone (after trying not to hyperventilate) and bringing a short stack of wonderful books with me.

Can’t. Freakin. Wait.


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  1. I am totally with you on summering. I could do it all year round. I especially love hotels. I could live in a hotel. Sometimes the husband and I just go stay in a hotel for a night because I love it so much. He thinks it is weird but likes watching cable. I love sitting at the desk writing and taking unnecessary showers so I can use the tiny bars of soap and snuggle into a freshly laundered robe. Or soak in a whirlpool hot tub that’s next to the bed while watching movies on HBO. Whirlpool hot tubs next to the bed? It’s the greatest invention I’ve ever heard of.

    • So I know who *I* want to take my next Blogger Buddy road trip with! I love the whirlpool tubs, too. I have only stayed in 3 different hotels (it is unfortunate, I know) with whirlpool tubs, and I love to bring my own fancy bubble bath with me.

      The line, ” He thinks it is weird but likes watching cable” made me LOL. 😉

      • Heck yeah! My favorite whirlpool tub was in vegas. It was big enough for 4 people (which is kind of weird, but ok) and had a big waterfall faucet. *love*

        I have designs one of these summers to take a big road trip where I can check out all the weird road side attractions. We’re driving to Wisconsin later this summer which isn’t exactly the big road trip I had envisioned, but there are lots of weird road side attractions in Wisconsin, so that’s cool. Also a lot of cheese. And wine. And chocolate factories. But no big hotels. We’re slumming it in motels just like the tv show Supernatural. If they don’t all have terrible 1970s decor I’ll be very disappointed.

  2. Freaking Harry Potter dude…I need to get there ASAP!!!! And that library – I probably would have freaked out completely.

    • Yes, you do, Tara! I’m actually surprised you have not been there yet! You know, I shouldn’t even call it Harry Potter Land, you’re such a devoted fangirl it should be called TARA LAND!

  3. Harry Potter Land looks so cool!!! I’m jealous, would love to go! Have fun in Tampa! I totally agree with your vacation spots, I would geek out at that library too. 🙂

    • Harry Potter Land was so much fun! We went just a few months after it opened so it was a bit crazy and overwhelming (and kind of unbearably hot) but still has a great time!

  4. Yay for joining TGIF this week!! I got excited when the little email popped up saying you linked up 😉 hehe Though I have not read Harry Potter yet (I know! gasp!) I would very much LOVE to visit Harry Potter Land in Orlando. I’m a sucker for their theme parks there. I am also impressed with you reading 4 books in one vacation!! And one of them was FORGET YOU!! aaahhh one of my faves. If you ever make it back to the Dominican, take me with you 🙂 but I’ll need a different hot tub boy with me, ha!

    • I’m so late to the TGIF train, G! (not to mention ridiculously behind on my blog-reading). You have had some awesome questions! If it makes you feel any better, I’ve only read the first two Potter books (don’t tell T or the rest of the internet because they’ll come swinging at me, I’m sure!).

      I really need to go back to the Dominican. The resort we stayed in went through some renovation and is even more GRAND and FABULOUS than the last time we went! But when I go next time, I’ll be sure to stowaway you and a different Hot Tub Boy. 😉 Enjoy your vacation to Playa del Carmen!

  5. uM hello! Awesome pics!!!! I’ve been to HP Land opening weekend but didn’t get to see it at night!!!!! Love this post. You are awesome.

    • Thanks! I can’t imagine what Harry Potter World was like opening weekend. I was squished like a hot sweaty sardine the weekend I went, and it had been open for several weeks at that point. And YOU are awesome.

  6. the dominican republic is the best place in the ENTIRE WORLD. I went over christmas this past december and it was oh so fab. BUT I have not yet been to harry potter world, which i suspet would be so amazing my eyes would melt right out of my sockets. either that or i would die from the worlds biggest and life ending nerdgasm. it would make the headlines. i am sure of it.

    • You did?! I was in Punta Cana at an adults-only resort for my honeymoon. It was SO heavenly. Next trip to the US, you must make Carla Does Harry Potter Land happen!

  7. Wish I could go to Harry Potter land! I love the beach as well and I think you’re going to love the beaches here in the Philippines. I really hope you can come and visit since you love to travel and I know your mom will be THRILLED if you ever decide to go here for a vacation. I love reading at the beach and I did some of that while I was in Bohol this weekend.

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