YA cover color wheel

Yes, you read that title right. A YA COVER COLOR WHEEL. All from the brilliant mind of writer Kate Hart. I almost fell out of my chair when I first saw this pop up in my Google Reader. A color wheel? Of YA covers?!

Kate, you’re a genius.

Clicking on the image will take thee to Kate’s blog post ASAP!

I am so excited to read what she’ll be posting about next week!


10 thoughts on “YA cover color wheel

  1. I actually squealed when I saw this, sitting right here in my recliner while my kids are watching VeggieTales. It is awesome.
    I love covers too. I lurve them, okay? My poor husband has to hear about it all the time, God bless that poor man. Cause he will surely be hearing about and seeing this awesomeness tonight when he gets home from work. Not sure if that is his idea of Friday night hang-out time with the wifey, but he married a bookworm and that’s how life is.

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