teen book con 2011

As I always say…better late (like, almost 5 months late) than never! Here’s a brief little re-cap of my trip to Houston earlier this year, where I hopped on a plane and finally got to meet Ginger, Lindsi, and Tara for the first time, ever.


8 thoughts on “teen book con 2011

  1. This video made me SMILE SO HARD MY FACE IS HURTING!! Also, the singing at the end? top effinf notch ladies! so so jealous you all got to hang out, it makes me want to fly to america and demand we all get together and do things!

  2. I was JUST thinking we never saw a video from that weekend πŸ˜‰

    Loved it! SO MUCH! We need to schedule something else so we can all hang out again!

    (The ending was unexpected and I may have squeaked a little bit when it popped up.)

    You girls are the BEST!

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