this here li’l blog just turned a year old.

It’s been an incredibly humbling year.

Thanks to those who have encouraged me from the very start (Adele). Thanks to Hubs who understands that every now and then I get caught up staring at my computer screen for hours and getting excited over cover art and books. Thanks to my Twitter contacts that quickly turned into friendships, and thanks to those authors/editors/artists who responded to my stalker-like emails during ridiculously late hours asking them to answer a multitude of questions and let me share their work here.

I’m going to attempt to be specific in my acknowledgements. Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers that I’ve met the past year (online or IRL): Carla, Em, the girls of FYA, AmberGinger, Tara, Lindsi, Jen, Melanie, Anna, StephJamie, Katie, Tina, Chachic, Cari, Jess, Jacinda & Jasmine. (Oh my word there are so many of you)

To the bloggers who work their 9-5’s (and more) in one of my favorite places on earth: the library. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making reading a wonderful thing for youth: SarahAbby, Kelly, Gretchen, & Jennifer.

To the writers who continue to make me laugh and think about characterization all in the same tweet. I’ll be first in line to read every one of your books in the future: SuzeSommer, Jordyn, Bri, Sarah, Haley & Kate.

To authors and artists alike — I hope you continue to get recognized and praised for your beautiful and outstanding work. Thanks for your inspiration and your friendship.

To the readers of this blog: Thank you for your wonderful comments and kind emails. Thank you for not getting bored when the posts slowed down to a trickle. Thank you for reading this right now. 

Finally, I made a little video that expresses everything else I didn’t say here.


37 thoughts on “this here li’l blog just turned a year old.

  1. Happy blogoversary! I’ve been reading your blog for several months now and as someone who is a nerd about book covers, I love it. =)

  2. Happy blogoversary girl!! So glad we got to hang out in Texas and thank you again for documenting our good times 🙂 Here’s to many more years of lovely blogging!!

  3. Oh C! That video was amazing 🙂 You should be VERY proud of this blog of yours. You’re one of the first I stumbled across way back when & I have enjoyed coming back ever since. I love that books brought us together (literally!). The other day I was in Half Price Books & saw “Eggs” & thought of you! That cover still grabs my attention 😉 Love you & your covers! Happy 1 year my sweets!!

  4. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You’re absolutely a favorite of mine and I’m so glad that we’re friends. There’s nothing better than getting an email of a new Capillya song or a text about FNL ❤ or about ANYTHING. Love you!

  5. Happy Blogoversary! Happy Birthday to That Cover Girl! 🙂 Thank you so much for including me in your shout outs. You should know by now that I love your blog and I love chatting with you on Twitter about the books that we read and even about random stuff.

  6. YOU and YOUR BLOG are both fantastically fabulously awesome. 🙂

    And you mentioned me TOO. *over the top rock* Thank you, bb, for all you do!!


  7. Awww.

    You know what? You’re a pretty fantastic member of the book blog community. I’m so thrilled that I stumbled upon your blog a year ago and I love everything you write. Keep up the good work, and HAPPY BLOGGY BIRTHDAY.

  8. YAY!!

    Your blog is great! 🙂 Here’s to many more years! 🙂

    Also, thank you for the link party. New blogs to check out!

  9. Your little video is awesome. I’m sitting here with hubs talking about how talented you are.
    Also, I just love your blog. And your thoughts. And talking every now and then on twitter.
    You just rock my socks, miss sassypants.
    Happy Blog Birthday!

  10. Oh yay! Happy anniversary Capillya! I’m so glad to have “met” you this past year and I LOVE your blog. I look at covers now at the library just to see if I can find any cool ones you might not have seen yet. 🙂 Looking forward to another wonderful year!

  11. A wee bit late, but happy anniversary! 🙂 You know that I got starstruck when you started following me on Twitter and commenting on my blog? Haha, I did, promise! Thanks so much for brightening up the blog community with your posts, and I look forward to more (even if they slow down to a trickle — I don’t mind, as long as you still post every now and then 🙂 )!

    And you know that you’ll have instant hang out buddies when you visit here, right? 😉 *hugs*

  12. Eeek! Yeah, it’s official, I hire you to do my book trailer ONE DAY. You’re so talented.

    You’re also nice.
    And funny.
    And a great blogger.

    Thank you for including me in your post, you are the sweetest.

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