the perfect ya cover art is…a movie poster.

Yeah, this little number RIGHT HERE.

I won’t speak to how this poster portrays (and mocks) my beloved YA authors, of course. I won’t breathe a word about my expectations for this film. But what I can say is wow, marketing team, I love this.

I mean, really. Does this poster not ooze a little Nancy Drew, a little Hardy Boys, a little Sweet Valley and a smidgen of The Baby-sitter’s Club? From the tiny $4.95 sticker to the perfect photo-illustration of that ridiculous scenario, this poster/cover art hits all kinds of marks with me. This poster would stick out like a not-so-sore thumb while plastered with countless others on a movie theater’s wall. And not because of its gawdy pink and green cover — because of its brilliance.

You get an endless amount of high fives for this poster, Paramount. Genius.


15 thoughts on “the perfect ya cover art is…a movie poster.

  1. The poster is brilliant, not gonna lie. They did an excellent job.

    I do suspect I’m going to spend half the movie amused and the other half kind of offended. I’ll see it though since it is unlikely I will get a chance to see my profession in action on the big screen again.

      • I suspect it will lean more toward “amused.” I mean, empty coffee cups sitting all over the place, pajamas every day*, chores not being done, dinners eaten out of Styrofoam – yes yes yes and yes. I regularly take days off work to give myself long writing weekends and that’s pretty much me in that photograph, minus the soda and dog. (Dog? Really? What were they thinking? Aren’t we all like 97% cat people?)

        I think I’ll be more unhappy with the movie if it fails to showcase the awesome part of being young at any age. I’m cool with being made fun of fur 2 hours πŸ™‚

        *True story: When I do well enough to quit my grown up job, the first order of business will be to buy 7 pairs of pajamas – one for every day of the week. Glamorous and classy. That’s me!

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