hair product ad or ya cover art? — how about both.

I thought this hair model I saw on the internet looked a little familiar.

So I did a little digging.

Why, hello there, Taurus Eyes. My, what pretty eyes, hair, and FLAWLESS SKIN you have!


23 thoughts on “hair product ad or ya cover art? — how about both.

  1. That is amazing, You have an eagle eye to spot this.

    I didn’t realize ads and book covers shared images. Or I guess I’ve never seen it before. Or maybe I’ve seen it and not realized it. But excellent spotting.

    Nice touch to change the color of the dress. Beautiful picture, though, no? Those eyes.

  2. It’s interesting the dramatic photoshopping going on between the two pictures. In the ad, she looks sort of vampy with the pale, sickly colored skin, while the book cover has a nice healthy glow and a lot of color. And the dresses of course. I could be wrong but I think the ad picture has been altered too to make her look thinner. Especially look at the shoulders and throat area. If they didn’t actually manipulate the shape of her body and face, they definiately altered the lighting to make it look that way.

  3. She looks better in green. Doesn’t the book cover reads more like a booze ad? I saw an ad once for cold sore medication that used the same model as the cover of Shrinking Violet. Explains why she’s covering her mouth.

  4. I’ll agree with everyone that the book cover is much more flattering to her perfect features. And I must bow down to you…You’ve got an eye on you girl! I don’t know that I ever would have caught that!

  5. Thanks, ladies. I’m not sure what it says for the plethora of girls on YA covers these days when I see an ad like this. I never thought I’d think — “Man, that girl’s got great hair. I bet she’s on a YA cover somewhere.”

  6. Bwahaha you have such a good eye for this! It’s amazing what a little photoshop tan and a different background can do 🙂

  7. There’s also Private by Kate Brian (UK edition) and What I Wore to Save the World by Maryrose Wood.

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