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In My Mailbox (imm) is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren.

With the book buying ban still in effect (with an exception to gifts bought for others), I’ve still found myself acquiring books at the kind hands of some very generous folks:

  1. Graffiti Moon & Blood Song (Thank you Adiba!): Of all the Aussie YA novels I’ve read, I have not yet read one that I didn’t love.
  2. Thou Shalt Not Road Trip (Thank you Antony!): I’ve bumped this book’s status to “next” in my TBR pile because let’s just be honest — I’m a huge fangirl.
  3.  First Day on Earth (Thank you Sheila!): I was originally captured by its artwork, but even more so once I learned what it was about: a misunderstood teen who feels like he’s an alien in this world, and one who actually is an alien. (I like aliens.)
  4. There You’ll Find Me (Thank you Jen!): I’ve read a few novels by Jenny B. Jones (Save The Date is my favorite so far), and I was really excited to get her latest YA in the mail!

Also, Hubs and I celebrated our six year anniversary yesterday, and because we didn’t really do gifts for each other this year (although we did go to a fancypants dinner last night), we went shopping a little bit instead. To be honest, I’m not much of a shopper. My favorite place to go is Target (I love playing in the $1 bins and basically buying clearance tumblers and candy), if that gives you a hint of how much I like to shop.

But, I digress. We bought this as an anniversary gift while we were out:

Wait, what, you don’t know what this is?

Here, I took some other photos:

OH YEAH, BABY. Book + nerd = SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE. If you’ve got an iPhone 4/S, you can geek out and purchase one here.


25 thoughts on “imm (8)

  1. I’m with Annette. I don’t even have a cell phone. Heck, I don’t even WANT a cell phone, but if they come with a case like that, sign me up.

    Would it be too dorky to get the case without the phone?

    • I’m sure there are words that you’ve written past the “I don’t even have a cell phone” sentence but for some reason I just CANNOT comprehend this. WHAT.

      Sure, you could always buy the case. The case came with a little cardboard cell phone too, so if you needed a cell phone stand-in… =)

  2. Yay, Aussie YA books! I hope you enjoy reading Graffiti Moon – don’t you just the Aussie cover for that? And let me know what you think of Blood Song when you get around to reading it because I’m curious.

    If I ever get an iPhone, I’m going to get that case! It looks awesome.

  3. Oh wow.. jealous of Graffiti Moon!!!! I requested it on netgalley, but it’s taking foreverrrrrrrrr for them to respond 😦 And HOLLA for Antony John!! Can’t wait to read that one 🙂

  4. Ahhh firstly, congrats to you and your hubby. Six years is amazing and you guys are awesome. I don’t know Mr. Cover Girl, but I can ONLY imagine his magnitude of amazing if you married him. Secondly, Graffiti Moon sounds so amazing and Carla raved about it, I recall. I have this one for le Nook, so maybe we can read together?! 🙂

    • One day at a time, April! And when I say “one day” I mean figure out which body part you don’t need so you can sell it and afford all of that metal candy! I have a 4 (although since the 4S is the same body it fits as well). Thanks for the congrats! =)

  5. I got Graffiti Moon on NetGalley a long time ago but I haven’t read it yet. So we’re kinda almost sorta like book twins, but not really. Because mine isn’t actually a real book.

    Also, I want to know about There You’ll Find Me. I love the font on the spine. It looks exactly like I wrote it, which always makes me do a double-take.

    Wait, I just saw that Jen has Graffiti Moon too. Is there a little read-along happening?

  6. Ah, Antony John’s new book! I want too!

    And yes to that iPhone case. I want too. *pouts* I’ve been planning to get an iPhone but alas, my bank account dictates I can’t do that yet, so I will have to wait until my birthday.

    Oh, and Graffiti Moon is lovely. I may have a tiny, tiny crush on one of its characters, but it’s probably because of his poems. 🙂

  7. Ohhhh so much pretty! I do love my Android phone though and wouldn’t change it for the world for an iPhone anything. (I have my iPad though so you know, not devoid of apple in my life.)

    Congrats on six years and… I want that Jenny B. Jones book!

  8. oh *distracted by someones comment* i don’t have a phone either (every now and then i consider getting one, but then i figure i am “free-er” without it, haha)

    LOVE all this Aussie goodness ❤ Also, i LOVED blood song, so *so* hoping you will too (it is fantasy lite, more fun than deep, if you get what i mean…) plus, Rodden was a real bonus 😉

    also, thanks for the tip on Jenny B Jones. I *just* read the YA one (cute, cute) and am going to try out some of her adult ones. i liked her dialogue, snappy and grin-worthy. swoony times …

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