imm (9): the one where i turn into a giant sap.

In My Mailbox (imm) is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren.

Oh, sorry, I guess that picture’s a bit too zoomed out.

Here you go, this picture’s a bit better.

Amongst other exclamations and capitalized letters, I expressed my happiness by saying the following to Adele on Twitter:

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about a signed book being flown clear across the Pacific Ocean written by one of those authors you admired very early on in your YA-lovin’ years that’s completely thrilling and fills me with joy. (Not gonna lie, there’s also something about someone actually liking your name, too.)

There’s a special part of my heart that lights up whenever I converse with an author about their work or get an email reply from a designer agreeing to an interview. All of these interactions are special — the fact that I’m able to share with another artist whose work I admire. I don’t have many signed books, but the ones that I do have are sincerely treasured. Thanks so much, Adele. Oh, and the book made it all the way to the night stand, but not actually next to my head on the pillow. 😉

Also, they’re not actually books, but I’ve been writing letters and sending cards back and forth with Steph, Chachic, and my pen pal Liz in Tennessee. The latest letter came in the mail this week from Steph, and made me immediately want to fly to China and hug her neck. You know there’s something special about handwritten letters when you’re actually willing to let your hand cramp after fifteen minutes of writing. Thanks to wonderful technology, I’m pretty sure my penmanship has been the same since the 7th grade.


21 thoughts on “imm (9): the one where i turn into a giant sap.

  1. This is AMAZING!!!!! Oh wow Capillya. I adore this author as well (you know my thoughts on The Piper’s Son) and so I completely understand how much you’ll treasure this gift. What an amazing friend you have ❤

  2. This is lovely 🙂 Jellicoe is one of my all time favorite books – there are only 2 in my library that I read and reread over and over again whenever I’m feeling grumpy. Jellicoe Road and The Sky is Everywhere. I think I’ve read Jellicoe at least six times, not including when I just flip to my favorite scenes.

    This is such a perfect gift. And I know exactly what you mean about that feeling you get when you interact with an author. Happens to me EVERY TIME. I wish I could tell them all, simply, I’m glad you’re in the world.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever had a “when you’re grumpy, read me” book but I love hearing that you have one. I can see Jellicoe and TSIE being those two books! And the whole author thing. I love how we love telling stories (whether visually or with words) and that we’re connected by that.

  3. I officially feel like an idiot because I did NOT know you could sign up for a wordpress account & not have an actual wordpress blog, HA! This makes for commenting on wordpress blogs SO. MUCH. EASIER.

  4. OMG, a SIGNED Aussie edition of Jellicoe Road! I am so JEALOUS! Sigh, I love Melina Marchetta so I know how you feel when you received this package. Wish I could get signed copies of her books too. But for now, I’m okay with receiving snail mail from book buddies like you and Steph (although they haven’t arrived yet – I told you the Philippines is notorious for slow mail).

  5. Oh. My Goodness. Never in my LIFE have I been so incredibly jealous as I am now. I absolutely LOVE Melina Marchetta and Jellicoe Road is my absolute favorite book OF ALL TIME. I have never experienced true jealousy before. But Umm, ya. Pretty sure I am legit turning green over here. Wow. I can’t even… I just… I … wow.

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