cell coverage: everything you need to survive the apocalypse

Another caps-happy, simple red cover stopped me in my tracks again. Imagine that.

It could be the cover’s use of negative space. Or perhaps that loud cluster of colors I heard from clear across the room. Actually, it was those two attributes joined by that doozy of a title that made me hone in on this cover, like moth to flame.

Pun totally intended, of course.


16 thoughts on “cell coverage: everything you need to survive the apocalypse

    • I’ve seen that one! A few interviewees have claimed Mendelsund as inspiration. Love his work. Let me know what you think when you read it, for sure.

  1. I really like this cover, it looks even better in real life, the red is stunning. I read this as an e-ARC and was a bit disappointed. It’s not a bad book but it has a lot of religious undertones I would’ve liked to know about BEFORE reading the book (it’s not mentioned in the back cover text at all and the cover doesn’t hint at it either).

  2. I really really like the color. The red is gorgeous. I really really love the font choice and the way the title is set out.

    There’s something though that is a little off for me and I can’t quite put my finger on what. It is still a great cover. I find it kind of heart stopping in real life.

  3. Negative space wheeeee. And ooh, a blurb from Morgan Matson, eh? Pretty poppin’ cover right there (ahaha. hah. ha).

    *slinks off in the aftermath of lameness of comment*

  4. I never noticed the blurb from Morgan Matson before. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour was one of my fave books last year. This cover is fabulous.

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