if YA covers were advertisements

I know I can’t be the only one who believes that a lot of YA covers are really subliminal marketing messages for products put out there for market research…right? Because if they are — marketing people, YOU ARE BRILLIANT.

Below are a few covers I’ve pulled from my cover stash that I feel may be YA covers posing as product advertisements. You never can be too careful, right? For all we know P&G could be pulling some major puppet strings here.

You can’tย not tell me this cover isn’t an ad for lipstick.

I can spot a self-defense class ad when I see one.

Just say yes to Clear Eyes.

You could be skinnier, y’know.

Why you need to start using detangling conditioner.

Why you need to start using Awesome Hair shampoo.

I see what you did there, Chick-fil-A.

I’m just looking out for the good of all of us, dear readers. Cover art could actually be covert art. So remember that the next time you see a SGiPD cover. That cover model may just be helping to test the waters for a new Valentino line.


22 thoughts on “if YA covers were advertisements

  1. Ha, ha! I totally thought of lipstick too on that first cover. But for Dairy Queen, I think of DQ–Dairy Queen, the ice cream chain.

  2. Totally true! I love the Huntress cover, it makes me want to read it.

    I’ve always been bothered by the Invincible Summer cover; I don’t typically like the headless models covers anyway (the pretty dress and gorgeous body but.. hey, where’s the face?) so a headless trunk of a bikini body kind of puzzles me. I follow the author on twitter and Iknow that’s got to be a great book!

  3. LOLOL!! Why you need to use detangling conditioner. Yes, the thought of snakes in the hair will do that!

    And honestly, I think it’s really true. There are some creepy messages publishers try to push sometimes.

  4. LOL Capillya, funny as always! You do have a point, some YA covers really look like advertisements. I agree with the choices that you’ve mentioned here.

  5. Now I am going to be all paranoid and look for the hidden messages on all the YA covers in the book store from now on xD. I’ll pick them up and ask out loud “now what are you really trying to sell me hmm?”

    I wonder when most of “girls with pretty dresses” covers come out, right before Prom and homecoming maybe?

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