cover talk – vol. 1

Thanks to the plethora of YA covers out there in the world, I was able to come up with a strange fun little comic. “Cover talk” would normally denote a serious conversation about the design, content, and the overall aesthetic of cover art, right?

Yeah, well, this version of cover talk is a little different, and far less serious. Because it’s Wednesday and let’s face it, you need a laugh. Behold, actual TALKING COVERS!

Eat your heart out, comics industry.


18 thoughts on “cover talk – vol. 1

  1. Also I really like the new web look. Pinks one of my fave colors πŸ™‚ This won’t surprise you one bit, but I zeroed in on the flying super cover blogger in the background of the head immediately πŸ™‚ So awesome. Makes me want to wipe my template clean and start over. You’re the coolest blogger I know.

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