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In My Mailbox (imm) is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren.

So it’s been a few moons since I’ve done one of these “hey check out all of the books I spent my money on!” posts. The snarky side of me wants to call it straight up book pr0n, because I mean, let’s just call a spade a spade, people.

Without further ado. Time to ogle my pics. (No, that’s not a typo.)

Big hugs to Adele for All I Ever Wanted, which was a lovely surprise in the mail. (She’s really good at surprises.)

Yes, that is a non-fic you see in there, hangin’ out with all those YAs. Back in May I finally survived after 2 failed attempts finished the Couch to 5k program. As someone who never thought she’d run (and likes her knees for the most part), this was a huge feat. My friend Patch told me about this great book ages ago, Born to Run, to which I probably rolled my eyes and said something like, “No thanks! I like my knees! Running is stupid unless you’re being chased by zombies!” Fast forward months later and after finishing C25K I did the whole foot-in-mouth thing by asking to borrow it.

It wouldn’t be a post on TCG unless I pointed out my favorite covers of the bunch, right? Congrats to Anya’s Ghost for winning an Eisner this weekend, too!

And of course my absolute favorite of the bunch. 😉


12 thoughts on “imm (11)

  1. Anya’s Ghost is so, so good! (and this coming from someone who is not a normal reader of graphic novels.

  2. Fault in Our Stars! Something Like Normal! Unbreak My Heart! aaahhh good stuff, C. You must let me know when you read Unbreak My Heart. I think of it as an “under the radar book” because it totally took me by surprise & I was not expecting that much greatness – however, it is Melissa Walker so ya know.

    • I will definitely let you know when I read Unbreak My Heart. I’m really bad about remembering page count for books, so when I picked it up from the bookstore, I was taken aback by how skinny it was!

  3. Anya’s Ghost is written by a great comic artist named Vera Brosgol. Fun fact! She used to do an online comic called RETURN TO SENDER which I started following like…oh my god, 2003? 2002? Has it been that long already? Anyway, it was SO GOOD, but she was in college and it didn’t get updated regularly and then she just stopped updating at all. It broke my heart and I never got to read the end of it. Still, I love her drawing style. There’s something about it…I can pick it out from a line up 50 feet away, I think. I also think she was involved in the graphic novels called FLIGHT, if you are interested.

    I can’t wait to read READY PLAYER ONE!!!! I saw it all over the airport a few weeks ago. TRAPPED is another one I’ve been wanting to read. I was thinking of waiting until winter so I could really get in the mood – it’s hard to imagine the dangers of a snow storm now that it’s 110 degrees here.

    I finished THIS IS NOT A TEST last weekend and it was so good! It’s the scary zombie novel I’ve been hoping to read for a long time.

    • Ha, what a fun backstory on Vera’s work. Why did you break Sommer’s heart, college Vera Brosgol?! I’d been wanting to purchase Anya’s Ghost ever since I had Colleen Venable on the blog (she designed the cover), so I was happy to finally pick up a copy.

      Oh, TinaT. That was some good, good stuff. Not that I expect anything but fantastic reading from Miss Summers. 😉

  4. okay so ready play one looks yayness good and SLN!!! I will never get bored of seeing my name on that book. also? all i ever wanted….my oh my does adele spoil you!! and GUESS WHAT? I ordered that like just over a week ago so we can totes discuss when we’ve read it. YAY AUSSIE YA.

    • Yep, we will definitely discuss when I read it. It’s a shame I still haven’t read it yet, with it being like 20 pages long and all. I’ll let you know when I do. And yes, Adele DOES spoil me. 😉

  5. You got some really good stuff! Ready Player One, Anya’s Ghost, Miss Peregrine, The Fault in Our Stars…I hope you enjoy them! The first three are amazing, and TFIOS I’ve heard is good. Have fun!

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