chad beckerman: cover evolution of me and earl and the dying girl

This post’s a short one but a good one, I promise. I’m trying my best not to use all capital letters in this post, so I’m going to go ahead and cut to the chase. The incredibly talented Chad Beckerman posted about the evolution of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’s cover. If you’ve fully recovered from busting a gut over laughing at Jesse Andrews’ Authorthoughts post last year, I urge you to run to Beckerman’s post. You’ll find yourself staring at really cool ideas from designer Ben Wiseman, see the different directions the cover art went, and if you’re like me, grin while doing both.

One of my favorite parts about his post revolves around being authentic to the characters from the novel. It’s not a super-long read, but it’s filled with all sorts of eye candy and there’s just something refreshing about someone who can be concise. (Ahem, not me.) So definitely check it out.

Right now. RIGHT. NOW. (Well there goes the whole capital letters thing.)


9 thoughts on “chad beckerman: cover evolution of me and earl and the dying girl

  1. There’s a limit to how many books I can read in which I”m pretty sure someone dies at the end (my tear ducts are begging for mercy), but the cover is incredible.

  2. Uh oh. Seems like I haven’t been here in a while since I haven’t seen the blog’s facelift. Looking good!

    And seriously, you make me add books to my TBR pile just based on the fact that I have come to respect the hard work that’s been done on the cover. Forget about what the book’s actually about….

  3. This cover is wonderful! I wish I had it for my book. Oh. Wait. I haven’t finished my novel yet. But when I do, I want a cover like this!

  4. Oh wow…what nice art cover! 🙂 I adore scanning book covers, and I often wonder about all that goes behind the design in them! I’ve designed only 2 before for me, but I’m no graphic designer yet! 🙂

    Lovely post! It doesn’t have to be super long for it to be neat 🙂

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