where i’ve been the past…14 months.

It’s been an adventure, this past year, and for those of you who don’t know, this little lovey has graced my world since August 2013.


I’ve thought about this little blog frequently in the past several weeks. I think about coming back full force because the past year has seen a LOT of amazing covers for YA literature. The timing of taking a hiatus (yeah, sorry for not telling you about that) and the boom of all sorts of new gorgeous cover art could not have come at a worse time. But I’m so glad that YA lit is pushing the envelope in its design work with some really fabulous art.

Unfortunately, I became lax (and just didn’t hold this blog as a priority) and my domain was purchased by some stylish people, so I won’t be able to use that domain if I even do come back. But hey, there’s a style blog if you’re interested in bookmarking it.

I don’t even know if people even read this space anymore. But I do miss this space. And I’m slowly edging back into reading blogs again. And books. My daughter is a beautiful spot in my life, so she’ll always take precedence over most things, but oh how I do miss blogging. And dear reader, I hope you’ve been well.


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